Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can't wait to be a dad!

So... Amanda sends me a text saying "Ummm.. Hmm" and it's like I knew right away! I called and made her tell me and I could hardly stay in my chair the rest of the day at work. I know I couldn't keep it a secret long!

Seeing the little heart beat (after going crazy in the waiting room for 30 minutes!) is the most amazing thing. I think I showed the ultrasound pics to anyone who would look at work that afternoon.

Now that it's settled in for a few weeks, I can't believe the work to do! Furniture, daycare, books, articles, strollers, car seats; start stocking diapers now?!? And my poor, sick wife. ;-(

Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes for us. After 3 years of marriage fun, the real journey has begun! Look out 2011! There's another Hicks comin!

Tim aka Dad!


  1. Congrats to a great "to be" Dad!! Your life will change but all the changes will be worth it!!

  2. Aww!! Thanks babe!! I can't believe you posted!! Yay! You really are gonna be an amazing DAD! This made my day!!!