Thursday, November 25, 2010

33 Weeks!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have had a wonderful and very busy last few weeks! Our first baby shower was at my Aunt Shirley's house (Summer Williams, Stephanie Crawley, and Emily Spencer helped in hosting) on 11-11 after work. The next morning on 11-12, we had our LG baby shower (hosted by Heather Thatcher, Emily Owens, and Vanessa Stacks). And our last shower was this past Saturday 11-20 at Chad and Miranda's home (hosted by Chad & Miranda Matthews and Dorsey & Jennifer Pumphrey). We had a wonderful turnout of friends and family at every shower; we are so blessed with the people in our lives!! Everyone was so kind to shower us with gifts and wonderful food!! I have posted a few pics from each shower below (more to come later).

I have been to the doctor 2 weeks in a row, one a regular visit and the next due to a virus but am feeling much better this week. Carson is doing great and everything seems to be right on schedule.

Tim's mom, Gay, arrived Saturday in time for the shower and has spent the week with us. We all got to Tennessee last night along with Bill, Josh, Hope, and Madison for a long Thanksgiving weekend, and cannot wait for the rest & relaxation ahead!

11-11 Shower

A preview to the baby book Granny is making!

The blanket Franny knitted for Carson!


11-12 Shower

We love this diaper cake! RTR!

Ugh... I guess it will be a while before I'm thrilled about any photo of myself...

Adorable cake to match the nursery!!

11-20 Shower

Everyone just loves to feel my belly!

Big Al to welcome Baby Carson :)

Chad, Miranda, Tim, Me, Jennifer, Dorsey

And here's a pic of me today at 33 weeks...

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  1. I am so happy for you both and Carson is so lucky to have such wonderful parents! Looks like you are all set with everything but a ..... hummm oh yea A BABY (and I may revise my date to a Dec 2010 guess) Love ya both and oh yea love the hair too!!